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2007/03/08 Steph Hight time for an update!

This time we'll speak a bit about the editor.

The last month, we worked on defning the basic principles for the more complex editors.

The editors will be very opened and user friendly, and will make it very easy to manage a large amount of complex data. To illustrate this, we have created a new part in the public area, with the first pages of the User's manual with many screenshots. The screenshots show mostly the principles of the editors. We didn't include to much details... So we can release them later!

We start this user's manual with the Unit Template List.


2006/12/20 Steph We have been working with Darque and Bhiita, and more recently BeBro, on the new version of SSS for almost one year, and it is time to assess the past year.

We did not produce much visible things, as we spend lot of time setting everything, including the team. Some people came, some left... And the best stayed!

A good part of the year was spent re designing the game. The map engine and tiling system are completly new, the battle mechanism also, and the way units parameters can be defined and inherited as well.

On the programming side, we have reworked the basics, and the map and animation engine is now working nicely. It's still in GDI+, so performances are a bit slow, but adequate. Soon, Darque will port the engine to DirectX, and it should be a lot faster.

We have also layed the basics of the editors, error logs, and created several libraries that will be useful to the whole project.

On the graphics side, Bhiita has spent a lot of time experimenting different techniques and idea, and is finishing polishing the first sets of graphics. Screenshots should arrive soon!

Now that the basis are set, 2007 should see the implementation of new features a lot faster, and features that can be shown! So we'll try to update the public part of the website regularly, with new screenshots and updated team diary.

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