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Date Screenshot Title Description
2007/03/08 Unit templates list Organize the hierarchy of unit templates. Create and edit unit templates.

List the units with a configurable multi columns list supporting multi criteria filtering.

2006/12/26 Animation editor Create gfx_animation files. You can load FLC or a storyboard and convert it. You can change the scale, the centering, the speed...

Can also be used to extract some frames, crop the frames...

And credits can be entered an locked by a password, so only the animation creator can update it.


2006/12/26 Unit effects editor Where you associate animation files to action, and also select the icons.

Equivalent to ini files and PediaIcons of Civ3, but with a nice editor including preview

2006/12/26 Error log. When a file is missing, it is listed in the error log. The game doesn't crash or stop: the graphics is simply replaced by a substitution graphics, and the error is logged.

As all the errors are listed here, it's easy to correct at once!

I hated the "file is missing, game will now exit" so much in Civilization III...




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